XOMOX® Lined Plug Valves



XOMOX® 2-way and 3-way fully lined plug valves feature an encapsulated plug rotating in a fully lined body.


Superior PFA lining economically handles the most corrosive fluids. Fluctuations in processing temperatures or chemical concentration also have little or no effect on our lining.

Specifications and Literature
XOMOX® Tufline® Lined Plug Valves - Brochure (North America)
XOMOX® Tufline® Lined Plug Valves - IOM (North America)
XOMOX® Fully Lined Plug Valves Two-way & Multiport Configurations - Technical Datasheet (EMEA)
XOMOX® Ausgekleidete Kükenhähne Zwei- und Mehrwegeausführungen - Technical Datasheet (EMEA)
Lined Plug Valves

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