XOMOX® Lined Accessories



Tufline Lined Accessories have cast dovetail recesses and machined grooves that lock the lining to the body casting.


Blow-out or lining collapse are virtually impossible. PFA is the standard lining material for all Tufline Lined Accessories.


PFA is a fluoropolymer with extended temperature limits. It is a copolymer that combines the carbon-fluorine backbone of fluorocarbons with a perfluoroalkoxy side chain.

Specifications and Literature
XOMOX® Tufline® Lined Check Valves and Accessories - Brochure (North America)
XOMOX® Fully Lined Flanged Filters & Strainers (DIN Version), Type Y101, PN 16 - Technical Datasheet (EMEA)
XOMOX® Fully Lined Bottom Discharge Valve Type K201 / K202 / K203 - Technical Datasheet (North America)
XOMOX® Fully Lined Sampling Valves - Technical Datasheet (EMEA)
XOMOX® Fully lined Sight Flow Indicator DIN Type G101 - Technical Datasheet (EMEA)
XOMOX® TUFLIN® Ausgekleidetes DIN Schauglas Typ G101 - Technical Datasheet (EMEA)
XOMOX® Ausgekleidete Schmutzfänger mit Flanschanschluss Typ Y101, PN 16 - Technical Datasheet (EMEA)
Lined Accessories

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