ELRO® Peristaltic Pumps, Series T



ELRO® Series T is mobile all-purpose pump with high suction capacity.  It is compact, easy to handle and lightweight. The transferred medium does not come into contact with the internal pump parts. There are various hose and connection materials available. Due to versatile accessories the pump is flexible in a lot of applications

The different versions ensure efficient discharge of various media, e.g. slurries, viscous fluids contaminated with solids, fibers, abrasive media etc.

All versions are compact, lightweight and mounted in a carrier frame as standard. The pumps are optionally available with electric, gasoline or diesel.


Main areas of Application:

  • Environmental technology
  • Tank cleaning
  • Construction industry
  • Plant and tool hire business
  • Forwarding agencies
  • Docks
  • Cleaning companies
  • Toilet
  • Mobile solutions for trucks


Specifications and Literature
ELRO® Peristaltic Pumps, Series T - Technical Datasheet EN - A4
ELRO® Peristaltic Pumps, Series T - Technical Datasheet DE - A4
ELRO M300 Manual - EN
ELRO M300 Manual - DE
ELRO M300 Manual - FR
ELRO M300 Manual - ES
ELRO M300 Manual - IT
ELRO M300 Manual - PL
ELRO M300 Manual - RU
ELRO M300 Manual - NL
ELRO® Peristaltic Pumps, Series T

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