XOMOX®XP3 Low E Sleeved Plug Valves


Emission Standards

ISO I5848-1

ISO 15848-1 is an International standard for fugitive emissions issued by the ISO Organization. It contains both dynamic life cycles and thermal cycles and is considered one of the most demanding fugitive emission standards for soft seated valves.  This standard contains different levels of acceptance based on the number of thermal and mechanical cycles, temperature, and number of adjustments. The objective of ISO 15848-1 is to enable classification of performance in different designs and constructions of valves to reduce fugitive emissions.


Meeting best in class fugitive emission standards

ISO 15848-1 BH CO3 200°C/392°F

  • Tightness class BH(< 10-4 mg/(s x m) 
  • Endurance class CO3
  • Temperature class RT to 392°F/200°C
  • Adjustments :SSA0 (zero packing adjustments)

 API 641 Group B and E (200C/392°F) (260°C/ 500°F) 

Manufacturing valves will be subjected to the ISO 15848-2 test as described in the norm. This is a non-destructive test that intends to address the performance of the valves (Please refer to ISO 15848 norm).



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