XOMOX®XP3 Low E Sleeved Plug Valves


Design Features and Benefits

XP3 Sleeved Plug Valves are the first valves to pass all four thermal cycles without any packing adjustments, meeting the ISO 15848-1 standard at the BH CO3 200°C SSA0. This new XOMOX® valve top seal technology is able to perform in its entire temperature range even under thermal cycle conditions. All this achieved with no stem seal adjustments.


The XP3 still contains all the features and benefits of the standard XOMOX® sleeve plug valve; maintenance and cavity-free. They require no costly lubrication and prevent accumulation or contamination of process media, reducing maintenance costs and the cost of ownership over time.

  • Patented stem cartridge
  • Live-loaded design optimizes seal performance and extended service life, which ensures seal integrity to atmosphere.

XP3 maintains all design features from current XOMOX® SPV

Re-inforced body cover joint gasket for emissions proof valves
360° port lips on body are preventing sleeve to cold
flow and deformation; eliminating the chances of the sleeve to rotate
during thermal cycling
Option of API 607 7th Edition Fire test valves to external leakage.
Plug vent hole options depending on different services conditions
Actuator mounting capabilities as per ISO 5211
Flange pads design remains available as per the standard configuration
All sleeve materials are available
Current material selection on body and plug are available   



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