Krombach® Metal Seated Ball Valves


Features and Benefits


  • Proprietary Diamond Lapping System
  • Ball & Seat Lapped Separately
  • All components interchangeable
  • 0.20 to 0.05 Ra Finish (µm ) / 2 to 8 micro inches
  • Digital Spherical Measurement
  • Ball & Seat manufactured to a sphericity tolerance of > 5 µm


Metal Seated Ball Valve Benefits

      Ball and seat are so precisely machined that they
      “stick” together due to cohesion tension.
      Shearing action of seat is excellent for applications
      where skinning or crusting occurs.

    Hard,wear resistant coating for long life
    under heavy use.


Metal Seated Ball Valve Benefit II

Unique polygon ball/stem connection ensures efficient torque transmission.

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