Oxygen/Ethylene Oxide/Chlorine Cleaning



Cleaning for oxygen service valves, instruments and components is a critical process that requires a specially equipped facility and a trained staff of technicians.


Our capabilities enable us to clean most devices used in oxidizing services, including: control valves, relief valves and instrumentation. Benefits to choosing CRANE for your Oxygen Cleaning Services:

  • Oxygen cleaning process to Praxair GS 38 requirements and specifications
  • Cleaning processes for equipment used in Chlorine, Ethylene Oxide and Phosgene service
  • Self-contained, positive pressure, climate-controlled clean room to control access, dust, oil and vapors
  • Dry Nitrogen or Helium testing
  • Special packaging processes
  • Trained clean room technicians


Specifications and Literature
Oxygen/Ethylene Oxide/Chlorine Cleaning
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