Valve Services

Modifications, cleaning, testing, valve and actuator repairs, and a full range of services are available from CRANE® Valve Services.

Hydrofluoric Acid Repair

HF Acid Valve Repair

Hydrofluoric Acid (HF) valve repair and maintenance on all brands.

Electric & Pneumatic Actuator Repair Services

Our services range from testing and servicing to completely rebuilding the actuator to improve performance and extend the life of the equipment.
CRANE Valve Services Onsite Repair

On-site Valve Repair & Maintenance

CRANE has the qualifications and experience to provide a complete range of on-site repair and maintenance services, from routine valve service to HF Acid decon to a complete valve diagnostic and optimization program.
Clean Room

Oxygen/Ethylene Oxide/Chlorine Cleaning

Cleaning for oxygen service valves, instruments and components is a critical process that requires a specially equipped facility and a trained staff of technicians.
Coker Valve Repair - Plant

Coker Valve Repair

CRANE has the qualifications and experience to provide the specialized repair and maintenance required for severe service Coker valves.
Large Bore Valve Repair

Large Bore Valve Repair

Service and repair for all large bore valves up to 84” and 30,000 pounds.

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