XOMOX® Tufline® Sleeved Plug Valves



Approved for the most demanding HF requirements
The UOP & ConocoPhillips Petroleum HF Alkylation Process Specifications provide the standards for valves being installed in most new alkylation systems, worldwide. Tufline valves manufactured for the UOP & ConocoPhillips HF processes are listed by UOP & ConocoPhillips Petroleum for use in their licensed systems. You can specify Tufline HF valves that meet these special UOP & ConocoPhillips Petroleum design and material requirements and testing criteria for your application.

Tufline valves for other HF applications and processes
Tufline HF valves are available to meet a variety of alternate design specifications. You can also choose from a number of optional features. These valves are designed to meet the requirements for commercial HF Alkylation processes and hydrofluoric acid applications.

Full port design advantages
With the full-area round port there is no diminished or constricted flow. Ideal wherever low pressure-drop and highflow efficiency are important such as rapid evac systems. This is a true pipe bore full port. The CV values on average is 3-4 times that of a full area type design plug.

Self cleaning
Metal lips completely surround the valve ports. With each rotation of the valve, any scale which may have collected on the plug seal surface is broken up and wiped away.

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