Smooth Bore Hoses

Stratus™ and other ResistoPure™ Smooth Bore Hoses lined with Teflon® PTFE. Pressure rated hose assemblies lined with Teflon® PTFE offering maximum drainability, flexibility, and cycle life performance in biopharmaceutical, pharmaceutical, and other high purity applications.

Teflon® is a trademark of DuPont. Only DuPont makes Teflon®.


STRATUS™ – PTFE lined, silicone cover, flared through

The first silicone hose lined with Teflon™ brand PTFE, Stratus® by ResistoPure™, resistant to intense cleaning temperatures and corrosive effects of detergents and solvents.

TRCF – PTFE lined, rubber covered, flared-through Resistopure

Smoothbore PTFE Rubber Covered With Flare Through Ends

SBT – SS braided Resistopure

Smoothbore PTFE with SS Braid

SBTF– SS braided, flared through Resistopure

Smoothbore PTFE with SS Braid and Flare Through Ends

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