Model LP



This low profile switchbox  provides reliable open/close signal, switch setting, site wiring and weather proof integrity. The direct coupling to the actuator shaft ensures an accurate representation of valve position.

The low profile switchbox is designed for direct mounting onto the full range of Keystone and PremiAir/MRP pneumatic actuators.  


  • Suitable for direct mounting to all Keystone and PremiAir/MRP actuators.
  • Two EasiFix® vibration resistant self-locking cams, fastened to a splined shaft and can be set by hand in seconds. Due to 120 teeth splines the cams will never slip out of adjustment.
  • Top centralizing plate offers improved linearity of the shaft cam arrangement in line with the switch triggering position.
  • Cams specially designed to operate either SPDT V3 mechanical switches (with roller lever), or various V3 inductive proximity sensors.
  • The DD 16 x 11 shaft allows direct mounting to Keystone rack and pinion actuators. The shaft can be converted to the Namur dimensions for use on other actuators in combination with a bracket kit.
  • Angled 8 pt terminal strip for ease of wiring includes 2 connections for solenoid valves.
  • 2 x M20/ ½" NPT cable entries both fitted with an IP66/67 plug.
  • Rigid aluminum enclosure to IP66/67 rating.
  • Polyester coated aluminum enclosure provides full environmental protection.
  • Clearly visible local indicator with option to supply HiVue beacon.


Specifications and Literature
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Model LP

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