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February 28, 2017

NEW DOCUMENT! Competitive Comparison XOMOX®FK Soft Seated Ball Valve


XOMOX® FK Soft Seated Ball ValveCompetitive Comparison Document

 Open the web PDF to see the full competitive comparison document. For more information on the XOMOX®FK Soft Seated Ball Valve, please click here

This document's purpose is to compare the ISO 15848-1 fugitive emission test results of the XOMOX® FK Soft Seated Ball Valve and two competing soft seated ball valve designs.

The test results are depicted throughout this document in the following ways:  

  • Actual external leakage measurement in graphical format.
  • Pictorial end-results of any notable wear to the valve components during testing.
  • Competitive comparison charts that highlight the design as well as features and benefits.

XOMOX®FK Soft Seated Ball Valve - Competitive Comparison- LT EN

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