Membranventile für den industriellen Bereich

Emaillierte, gummierte, mit Kunststoff ausgekleidete sowie nicht ausgekleidete/legierte Membranventile für den industriellen Bereich


Actuated Valves

When manual operation is inadequate or inconvenient, Saunders® offers a complete range of linear actuation, for valve sizes up to DN250 (10") Four different actuation options cover different line and operating pressure conditions, and automation options to achieve the desired characteristic performance.

Fire Hydrant Valves

Specialist fire hydrant valve widely used in refinery fire mains systems and in marine applications. Available with unique fire-resistant diaphragm design.

Plastic Lined Valves

Saunders® offers a comprehensive range of plastic lining options which demonstrate the highest resistance and durability in the most demanding of corrosive applications.

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