Valve Services

CRANE Valve Services® is experienced with a variety of valves and related products regardless of the manufacturer. These services include general valve repair, diagnostic testing, cleaning and decontamination, special testing, spare parts inventory, modifications, and turnaround service.


We are a value-contributing partner because we offer safe and dependable products and solutions customers rely on at a local level. Our field equipment includes a fleet of mobile machine shops and valve actuator service trailers which are equipped with portable seat grinders, weld-machines, hydro-pik packing extractors, and a wide variety of field equipment to help make your next turnaround project a success.

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CRANE Valve Services

CRANE Valve Services® include on-site valve repair and maintenance, HF acid valve repair, oxygen/ethylene oxide/chlorine cleaning, electric and pneumatic actuator repair services, coker valve repair, and large bore valve repair

For all CRANE® Valve Services related inquiries, please contact:

Customer Service North America

PHONE +1 (719) 671-4708

CRANE Valve Services

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