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The range of our fittings is very broad. The catalogue shows only the basic types of fittings that we produce but we make and develop several other versions of fittings as well. With different versions of fittings to come as close to the requirements of each custumer as possible. Fittings can be provided with a pneumatic or electromotor drive, and a spindle extension or a heating jacket can be added. Some fittings are made in accordance with requirements for "fire safety" and "TA-air".

If required, valves are provided with a regulation cone and an indicator. They can be made in the angular version or special materials can be used.

Besides the principal types of ball valves you can also choose among ball valves with a welding connection, one-part and three-part ball valves. They are made with leakage and secondary sealing system while the sealing of a spindle is available in several different versions. Larger ball valves are made in the stored form with seal supports. Not only the standard materials but special materials can be used for ball valves as well. When selecting materials, we follow customer´s requirements in reference to the medium and working temperatures applied.

Gate valves are mainly made in the version with an external spindle.

If required by a customer, we develop and make fittings that are adapted to specific requirements and applications. Furthermore, we can offer fittings and other fypes of castings that are made of diferent cast steels.

For all our fittings, there are drawings and parts lists available which evidence the inlaid dimensions and materials specifed for individual elements. We reserve the right to partially change the drawings and part lists to comply with our development.

Quality and Quality Control

The quality control system is consciosly applied at all stages of product manufacture, from the initial contact with the potencial customer, to the final application by the end user. Special attention is paid to final inspection of products prior to their dispatchment. General technical conditions and terms are defined by "Pressure equipment directive 97/23/E6" and testing for operation and leakage by the DIN 3230 standard, item 3. For each fitting made, the following inspection and testing methods are applied:

AD.............. testing of dimensions

AP.............. visual inspection

AG.............. operation test - opening, closing

BA/BQ........ strenght and leakage test (1.5 x PN)

BN.............. leakage test (water)

BO.............. leakage test (air)

If a customer has special requirements, other tests and inspection defined in other standards are carried out.

For each fitting, a works certificate and material certificate according to EN 10204 / 3.1B can be issued.

If required by a customer, we arrange acceptance by a third authorized institute - TÜV, Lloyd, BvQ1, etc.


  • EN ISO 9001:2008 (TUV NORD)
  •  PED 97/23 EC Annex 1, section 4.3
  • GL, DNV, BV
  •    NORSOK M-650 (A995-4A)

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