ResistoPure® is a brand of products offered by Resistoflex® for the Biotech, Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage, and Cosmetics industries.

The ResistoPure brand differs from traditional Resistoflex fluid handling components in that products and processes are designed to meet the critical needs of the sanitary and aseptic market.


ResistoPure™ Silicone Hoses

Braid-reinforced, fabric reinforced and wire reinforced silicone hoses


ResistoPure™ Teflon® Convoluted Hoses

SS-braided and polypropylene braided convoluted bore hoses


ResistoPure™ Teflon® Smooth Bore Hoses

PTFE-lined and SS braided smooth bore hoses

For all ResistoPure® related inquiries, please contact:

Customer Service North America

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North Carolina 28704
United States

PHONE + 1 828 724 4000
FAX +1 828 724 4783

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