XOMOX® Lined Check Valves



Xomox lined swing check, ball check, piston check and poppet check have PFA as standard lining and uses the cast dovetail recesses and machined grooves to lock the liner to the body casting.


Xomox fully-lined products are a reliable alternative to expensive alloy valves.


NEW! Our new XLC fully-lined ball check valve is now availble in DIN, ASME short and long pattern designs, and offers a flexible seat for Class A and API-598 Sealing, best-in-class for media backflow protection of processes and equipment.


Specifications and Literature
XOMOX® Fully Lined Ball Check Valve - Brochure (North America)
XOMOX® Fully Lined Ball Check Valve - Brochure (EMEA)
XOMOX® Ausgekleidetes Kugelrückschlagventil - Broschüre (EMEA)
XOMOX® Clapet à boule revêtu - Brochure (EMEA)
XOMOX® Fully Lined Check Valves - Technical Datasheet (EMEA)
XOMOX® Tufline® Lined Check Valves and Accessories - Brochure (North America)

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