Saunders® HC4 Diaphragm Valves

The aseptic diaphragm valve is the most important control component in today’s biopharmaceutical process systems. As the inventor of the diaphragm valve, Saunders has been a key player in the evolution of high purity valve technology. Beginning with the introduction of forged bodies and compact thermoplastic actuators through to today’s machined from solid compound and multi-port valve solutions; we have taken the lead in aseptic valve technology.

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Saunders® Standard 2 Way

Saunders® HC4 2-Way and Fabricated Bodies

Saunders® HC4 2-Way and Fabricated Bodies
Saunders Pneumatic Linear Actuators

Saunders® Top Works

An international leader in the design and manufacture of valve and valve control products, CRANE ChemPharma, Saunders® has built its success on meeting the exact needs of its customers

Saunders® Machined HC4 Bio-Blocks

Full Range of Aseptic / Zero Dead leg / Serial / Multiple / Tank Weir Orientations
Saunders HC4 Diaphragms

Saunders® HC4 Diaphragms

Saunders® HC4 Diaphragms are developed, compounded and manufactured entirely in-house.

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