Devices that regulate the flow of fluids (gases, fluidized solids, slurries, or liquids) by opening, closing, or partially obstructing various passageways.


Industrial Diaphragm Valves

Glass-lined, rubber-lined, plastic-lined and unlined/alloy industrial diaphragm valves
saunders aseptic

Aseptic Diaphragm Valves

Saunders® is a leading global supplier of aseptic diaphragm valve flow solutions to the Life Science industries.

Change-Over Valves

Bellows sealed change-over and gland packing change over valves
Krombach Vacuum Relief Valve Flanged

Vacuum Relief Valves

Vacuum relief valves with flanged and threaded connections

Aerating / Deaerating Valves

Aerating / deaerating valves

Float Valves

A variety of single-seated and double-seated float valves

Throttle Valves

Throttle Valves are available with flange connection, wafer- or weld-in type

Bottom Drain Valves

Manually operated and actuated bottom drain valves
Three-Way Ball.jpg

Miscellaneous Valves

Non-return, relief, stop-check and small-size valves, as well as other special products
Butterfly Valves

Butterfly Valves

Crane ChemPharma & Energy offers a broad range of butterfly valves

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